For Buyers

Are you wondering why you’ve not seen my name in the real estate booklets or on a billboard? I only work off referrals and my online presence. I choose to be exclusive, working with a few select buyers or sellers at a time. I have a great designated broker who can fill in for me if anything comes up and I can’t get to you. I have this job so I can put my family first. Its easy to find someone who can open a door or write an offer but finding the best person for you, the one who matches your values, is more challenging. Let me be this Realtor.

I use my degree in Interior Design to help you imagine how a building can become your home!! Let me read between the lines and find the best place to fit your needs.

Did you ask for my Buyer’s Booklet? I have both a pdf or a print version for you.

509 – 952 – 8495 melissa christianson @ live . com (remove the spaces) YV Wine Country Properties, Yakima County, Washington

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