For Sellers

I have a fabulous booklet once you’ve decided I’m your ideal agent (or even before to help you decide). Be sure to get a copy either in pdf form or in print. I have so many little things that make this process a pleasure for you – its sometimes nice to see them all in one list.

What truly sets me apart is my attention to detail within your contracts. I repeat several phrases and one of my favorites is you don’t know what I do for you when I’m doing my job well – meaning your contract was so preciously executed you will never need the extra time periods I added, the protection of a contingency, or the removal of a contingency to change the burden onto the other party. I will do everything possible to make sure you have the upper hand in the entire transaction. We will use every option provided by Washington state to protect you and your transaction.

Few agents know their contracts like I do. I have to say, I get more excited now with the paperwork needed for real estate than I do viewing properties. When you are confident the proper boxes are checked, you have fun with your job. So much of what happens is now done remotely – from contracts to advertising to even virtual tours – Covid 19 hasn’t slowed our market down a bit! Did you know all the key boxes in Yakima have the ability to do a number of things including ask for feedback on a home from buyer agents, track when and for how long someone views your property, and disable viewings during hours I program in – not everyone takes advantage of this technology.

Interior Design advice from me is always given. I can give an opinion on what updates to make that will bring the most value to your home with a future sale.  Feel free to call years before you’re ready to sell!  In fact, I want you calling with any update bigger than painting. Some of what you will do is not just an opinion but is based on home sale data. Take advantage of this service.

509 – 952 – 8495 melissa christianson @ live . com (remove the spaces) YV Wine Country Properties, Yakima County, Washington

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